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    Views on what is good or bad in the town.

    36 members


    Local Business

    News about the Oakham business community.

    129 members


    Local Restuarants

    Local food for local people

    64 members



    Causes, charity

    15 members


    Local Leisure

    What do Oakham People do in their spare time?

    69 members

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    Discuss or comment on your recent holiday or a hotel you have stayed at, Possible pitfalls when visiting certain countries, what to do when you get there, favourite restaurants or bars, local entertainment or trips.

    10 members

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    festive fun

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    Get the latest schools news, community information and general goings on in Oakham

    31 members

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    Plant Lovers

    A group for all lovers of plants and their gardens in Rutland!

    12 members

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