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By omgoakham | Sunday, March 25, 2012, 23:21


Are we honestly expected to believe that Oakhampeople.co.uk really reaches into the heart of Oakham's local online community?  How does a company owned by DMGT (Daily Mail and General Trust Plc) really delve deep into Oakham's 10,000 residents with an audience of just over 3,000 a month .  Is this really a space to air your views or simply a platform for advertisers to advertise to less that 30% of Oakham and Rutland's population???

I also need to ask…why "Oakhampeople.co.uk", and not Rutland people?  How many people do you know in this town that call themselves "Oakhamers"? More like "Rutlanders" I would say.  Sounds like another multinational organisation attempting to "connect" with us simple folk and small town businesses in order to capitalise on the smaller oil resources. 

I see that looking on the localpeople website that we are not the only town to be stricken by this plague.  There seems to be hundreds of these websites out there doing the same thing.  Why would anyone bother when we have Facebook, Twitter and even Google?  Quality websites with a targeted audience.

Local businesses can use Google places (Google's Directory), Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses for FREE.  Someone told me it costs £1250 a year to advertise on this little site.  What a joke!  You'd have to be mad when you can get the same exposure for free elsewhere and to a larger audience.  I'm a big fan of online, but this is truly horrible and I certainly wouldn't waste my money on it.



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    Hey OMG less of the "you guys". Men haven't got a monopoly on this form of communication you know.

    Cupcake: Your comment about those that dislike this site patronising it is quite true. Perhaps its because they just want to try and wind us up. I'd ignore whoever it is and treat then with contempt, he/she obviously deserves it.

    There are other blogs I know but to be honest they are so self interested and with a single agenda I can't be bothered.

    This site has a wide variety of interests and it suits me.

    Hasn't the weather been great this past few days, just right for honest Oakham People.

    Got to go, the master calls with hot choccy. Hard day on the sun lounger by the pool today.

    By Viperone at 22:48 on 28/03/12

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    I agree Waltersphoto. Why on Earth would someone bother to use this site if they dislike it so much. Maybe they have too much time on their hands or perhaps they are a competitor?

    By cupcake_02 at 20:07 on 28/03/12

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    Well if you must ask...
    I sent my first data through a modem from a teletype in Oakham to a mainframe in Leicester in 1973 writing in algol, forth and fortran - have been largely internet based since launching my website in 1999 - and administer two networks.
    But I can't pretend to be under 25 unfortunately!!
    Seriously - you don't have to look at this site if you don't want to

    By Red_Citizen at 15:52 on 28/03/12

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    Nice to see the same 3 - 4 people having the conversation on here as usual. It's funny also how the reviews on local business profiles on this site seem to come from the same person or persons? Hmmm, perhaps they are the same being? Perhaps someone paid to add content!

    As for your comments regarding Facebook and Twitter, and Oakhampeople being a "one stop shop" for local blogging, happenings and events - I have to laugh - as when you blog on this site it asks you if you would like that blog to be added to your FB or Twitter feed. This by anyone's standards is a blatant viral method for more hits to Oakhampeople. You guys do make me giggle. Anyone below the age of 25 with any kind of internet savvy can see through this! Do you know nothing about the internet?!

    By omgoakham at 00:38 on 27/03/12

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    So pleased omgoakham's comments weren't deleted. Shows that the site has absolutely nothing to hide and also of course, the post has attracted further interest from other followers.

    Just a slight correction for omgoakham though, we aren't Oakhamers, WE ARE OAKHAMIANS. If you are going to be a sourpuss, at least you could get it right.

    As for "Wasting Your Money On It", I don't think anyone would ever ask you to.

    ps. I am not simple folk, please do not judge others as you obviously judge yourself

    By GrumpyJag at 19:58 on 26/03/12

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